About Pinnacle Capital Trust Bank

Pinnacle Capital Trust Bank is the holding company for Pinnacle Capital Trust Bank, a regional community bank providing consumer and commercial financing with branches throughout United Kingdom. We've grown into one of the largest commercial banks headquartered in United Kingdom, and one of the most stable community banks in the nation.

A Proven Past – A Strong Financial Future

Pinnacle Capital Trust Bank maintains exceptional asset quality, and our capital ratios exceed regulatory standards for "well-capitalized" companies. Our outstanding loan quality, loan loss reserve, earnings, and capital ratios place us among the top-performing financial institutions in the nation for financial health and safety. Pinnacle Capital Trust Bank receives continued recognition by analysts as a very healthy community banking company. In fact, Veribanc has awarded us their "Blue Ribbon" in recognition of our safety, soundness and financial strength. Our senior management team has been a steady force, attesting to our clear, consistent direction and long-term stability. Our stock is traded on the NASDAQ stock market under the symbol WABC.

ABOUT Pinnacle Capital Trust Bank

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